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Welcome to the new Kodomon Website!

It was time for a fresh look for the Kodomon website, and we needed to update the engine that allows easier editing, and a better mobile experience. Hope you enjoy browsing through the site. There is a new Blog called Sensei's Word where Sensei Irvine will post periodically around all matters Karate and Self Defence, and most of the news for the club will be posted to Facebook now, so have a look at the Dojo News page for updates on our two Facebook Pages. Please feel free to join those pages on facebook as well.

New Resources Centre

A clean-up of the Student resources Centre has updated the revised Edition of the Kodomon Curriculum and provided the Kata and other videos that will assist. Please make sure you are across the Curriculum Sheets in this section. Passwords are the same.

Kata Videos and the New Curriculum Sheets are Available here.

The New Calendars and Class Schedules

The Class Schedules are essentially the same, but presented in a weekly format that are driven from live Google Calendars so they will always be current. They will reflect changes due to school holiday schedules, and other events as they occur.

Class Schedules and the Annual Calendar is now live and Up to Date!

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Rachel Bloor
Rachel Bloor
24 de out. de 2018

New site looks fantastic and a font of great information in regards to our curriculum and access to videos on Kata and other information. Well done!

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