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Adults Karate Classes

Traditional Okinawan Karate Classes

Sensei Glenn Irvine (6th Dan) brings over 35 years of instructing experience from the Kodomon Dojo in the Redlands to your training classes. Kodomon Karate-Do supports the philosophy of non-violent resolution to conflict and continually works through a traditional curriculum to foster the spirit of self-discipline, and responsible physical and self-development.

Our traditional program is based on the Shurite style of Okinawan/Japanese Karate-Do as taught by Fujimoto Sensei (8th Dan) in Japan. It concentrates on the Basics (Kihon), Forms (Kata) and various safe forms of sparring exercises (Kumite). It is suitable for all ages from 13 years to 80. 

Note:   We only run adult classes suitable for Adults and Teenagers from 13+ years - We do not have children's classes for either the Karate or Self Defence programs.

There is a strong element of self-defence in the curriculum for both Adults and Teenagers, taking into consideration, modern day civilian threats, the abilities of the students (age, size, etc), common sense, and appropriate responses. We concentrate and build the training in the Dojo around preventative self-defence before tackling physical responses, increasing your self-awareness and confidence in being able to handle conflict situations. Mr Irvine has studied under three of the leading Self Defence Instructors for the Queensland Police Force, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police force and Riot Squad, and the Australian Military. The self defence elements of the curriculum integrate well with the traditional program, and a student of the Art of Karate will discover a strong ability to handle conflict in today's World.

It is our wish that you will enjoy a rewarding time, whilst training at the Dojo. Life-long lessons and achievements are earned by those students who persevere with their training. Before long, you will discover that the other students who train at the Dojo are every-day, friendly people, and many a strong friendship has been forged at the Club.

If there are any questions you wish to discuss about training, please feel free to talk to an instructor at the Dojo before or after classes or contact Sensei Irvine on 0405 010 999 or by email at  [email protected]

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