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Self Defence Courses

Kodomon Personal Protection Skills Courses


Twice a year (March & October) starting on the first Monday of the month, a Free TOUGH CHOICES Personal Protection Course (PPC) is run at the Alexandra Hills Community Hall. This course runs over a period of 4 weeks and is aimed at providing new students with the basics of self defence principles and an introduction to simple skills and drills to perform these tasks.

The course runs weekly for an hour on Monday evenings during the usual Self Defence class, starting with a 1½ hour session in week one that starts half an hour earlier (6:00pm). The course includes the following modules through the four weeks.

Register below for the course. No prior experience is necessary. For further details on the TOUGH CHOICES Program, see the TOUGH CHOICES Initiative's website.

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If there is anything you wish to discuss about self defence training or the course, please feel free to talk to Sensei Irvine on 0405 010 999 or by email at  [email protected]

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