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Kinetic Fighting (KEF) was founded at the Australian Army Special Forces Training Facility in Holsworthy. The Integrated Combat Cell Instructor SGT Paul Cale developed the complete Special Forces Close Quarter Combat Curriculum, and when he left the Army after 20 years, started Kinetic Fighting as a combatives methodology for the Military, Police, Security and Civilians.

Sensei Irvine met KEF Chief Instructor Cale at Holsworthy in 2011 as he was establishing a Dojo at 2CDO for repatriation of wounded soldiers, and a friendship based on shared passions and interests led to Sensei Irvine being involved in much of the early development of Kinetic Fighting for Civilians. Sensei Irvine participated in the first Kinetic Fighting civilian courses and the first Residential program based at the Combat Sports Centre at the Australian institute of Sports in Canberra. Sensei Irvine was one of the first  Supervisors (Operator Level 4) under the KEF program and became the first civilian KEF Instructor (Operator Level 5) as the program developed further.

In 2016 Kinetic Fighting became the core framework for the Army Combatives Program (ACP), and Paul's instructors led the introduction of this methodology for all of the Australian Army as a 4 stage program of training, contracted to develop the skillset in the Junior NCOs of the military. It is now a component of recruit and Officer training, and Integrated Combat Clubs have formed in most Army bases across the country teaching these principles.

In 2018 Sensei Irvine became the Director of Civilian Programs for Kinetic Fighting, and began a program of Basic Personal Protection Courses with role-specific elements for occupations like Paramedics and Ambulance Officers. This program is now being folded into the same framework as the Army Combatives Program and is undergoing National Training Accreditation as an RTO.

Kinetic Fighting methodology is a fundamental part of the Kodomon Karate-Do curriculum and Self defence programs. It is the guiding principles for all Self defence training at our  Dojo.

Why not try a Personal Protection Class on a Monday evening to discover this methodology for yourself?

Classes are held on 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 6:30pm.

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