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Uchi Deshi Program

The  comprehensive mentored student program at Kodomon Martial Arts

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The Uchi Deshi program is a dedicated student pathway for

traditional Japanese Martial Arts students 

looking to immerse themselves in the

traditional arts, providing a depth to training that

creates great martial artists and, 

potentially, future instructors.

Benefits of the program


Study/Training Immersion

The immersion in our complete training program will provide a unique opportunity to experience a comprehensive Martial Arts program that is World-class, while maintaining excellent work-life balance.


Specialist Uchi Deshi Classes

These are unique and private classes sometimes at Sensei's personal Dojo, that may cover any specific training agenda, or as a lead in to gradings, or to address a specific issue.


Recognition by the DNBK

All Uchi Deshi can gain recognition of their Dan Gradings through the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai (DNBK), Japan’s most prestigious authority on Traditional Japanese Martial Arts.


Leading Ryu of Japan/Okinawa

Each of the Koryu that are practiced at Kodomon Martial Arts have been carefully selected for their efficiency, great heritage and lineage, and because they complement each other.


Senpai/Kohai Dedicated Mentor

Each Uchi Deshi will have a dedicated Senpai relationship with one of the Blackbelt instructors at the Dojo. Your mentor will guide you throughout your training journey as you approach black belt.


Instructional Skills Preparation

A key aspect of an Uchi Deshi’s training will be in instructional technique and methodology. This allows the Uchi Deshi to develop the ability to assist with instruction in the Dojo.


Access to a Bugeisha Network

Sensei, and our Blackbelts, have access to a broad range of very capable instructors in all of our Martial Arts disciplines. This includes instructors of 9/10th Dan grades in Okinawa/Japan


Training Tours to Japan/Okinawa

Uchi Deshi may be invited to Japan and Okinawan training tours with the instructors. The training is significant in Japan and Okinawa and Uchi Deshi will become an ambassador of the Dojo for these visits.

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This program was the most comprehensive exposure to the Japanese martial arts I have discovered here in Australia


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