Chief Instructor

Sensei Glenn Irvine 6th Dan Renshi (DNBK)

Sensei Glenn Irvine (6th Dan) has over 30 years of instructing experience in Traditional Karate-Do, Aikido, and Kinetic Fighting the Martial Arts curriculum of Australia's Defence Forces.


He was the State Coaching Director for Queensland of the Australian Karate Federation for 10 years, the Director of Civilian Programs for Kinetic Fighting, a former State Coach for the Queensland Karate Team, and has produced several National Karate Champions who have competed in International and the World Titles.


Sensei Irvine has a passion for developing personal protection (Self Defence) skills in his students, and has founded the Kodomon Foundation that provides these courses to "At Risk" members of society, such as Ambulance and Paramedics, Police Officers, Hospital Staff, Shift, Night and Mobile Workers.


The years of developing the leading martial arts and self defence skill sets in Kodomon Karate-Do students also means that many of the Blackbelts of the Club are very capable instructors and assist Sensei with the teaching at the Dojo.

Sensei Irvine has led several training tours to Japan and Okinawa, and through the Dai Nippon Butokukai (DNBK), Japan's leading accreditation authority on Japanese Martial Arts, he has been recognised with both a 6th Dan Grade in Karate-Do, and the Rank of Renshi "Polished Teacher" from the Head of the DNBK, a Prince of the Japanese Imperial Family.

As the State Coaching Director for Queensland in Australia, Sensei Irvine has trained many of the State's Karate Coaches to the Bronze (Dojo) coach level, and holds a Silver (State Coach) NCAS Accreditation himself.

Sensei's wife, Agnieszka is a Blackbelt instructor at the club assisting with classes, and his three children have all trained in Karate-Do and the Self Defence programs.

In 2018 Sensei Irvine was appointed as the first Civilian Instructor (O-5 Level) in Kinetic Fighting and assists the Founder of Kinetic Fighting, Sensei Paul Cale with this program across Australia.

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