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Are you looking for a Martial Art with all the benefits of a deep tradition of training, fitness, and self defence?

Kodomon Martial Arts has provided Queensland's most comprehensive traditional karate curriculum with a lifetime of learning opportunities. 

Our karate style comes from Okinawa, the birthplace of karate, with a lineage of very well respected Masters of the Art.

Coupled with the leading self defence program from Kinetic Fighting, the Defence Force's personal protection methodology, the Kodomon Karate-Do program is a life changing choice of Martial Art training.

Students can start in this program from their teenage years right through to senior citizens, and all will benefit from the training.

If you have been looking for a serious Martial Art with a deep program of learning, that promotes a fit and healthy body and mind,  then contact us to discuss the program and commence a trial month at our Dojo with this new year offer!

$79 for...

✅ 4 weeks of training
👕 Free uniform
👩‍🏫 Full support and hands-on training from our wonderful team
👥 Private online community
📱 Access to online training tools 

Our classes can help you: 

🎯 Improve focus, resilience and discipline
💪 Boost self-esteem and confidence
🧠 Develop new physical and mental skills
🤼‍♂️ Learn lifesaving self-defence techniques
🤝 Build new friendships with a community of like-minded peers - Adult/Teen Classes
😍 Feel better, move better and look healthier

Our students rave about our fun, high-energy classes that do WAY more than just getting fit. 

We would love to welcome you to our school.



Sensei Glenn Irvine - Chief Instructor

Kodomon Martial Arts

Alexandra Hills ~ Capalaba ~ Birkdale ~ Cleveland ~ Ormiston ~ Redlands 

Register for a
Trial month of Karate & Self Defence Classes

$79 for 4 weeks unlimited training and a free uniform!

Thanks for your registration.
We look forward to seeing you at training

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