Kodomon Class Schedule

Traditional Karate training at the Kodokan Dojo is scheduled for Monday and Thursday evenings, and Saturday mornings. The Personal Protection (Self Defence) Class is on Monday evenings. All beginners from 13 years and above can attend these classes.
Kobudo and Bunkai classes are on alternate Thursday Evenings at 6:30pm for Intermediate grade students. Students will be advised when they reach the appropriate grades for these classes.

The Yagyu Shinkage Ryu Kenjutsu Class is held on Saturday mornings at 9:30am except when gradings are held at the end of the month. This is for senior students of 3rd Kyu or higher grades (Brown belt and above).

Monthly Gradings are generally on the last Saturday of the month with some exceptions due to holidays etc. Please check the calendar for the current month. 

The Tough Choices course starts in early February, June and October each year during the Self Defence Class time slot on Mondays.

Weekly Class Schedule for Beginners


Monthly Class Schedule for Advanced Students

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