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Kodomon Lineage

The lineage of Sensei Glenn Irvine and therefore Kodomon Martial Arts is a direct line to Sokon Matsumura's Okinawan Shuri-te Karate, and the Hard style Yoshinkan Aikido that was founded by Sensei Gozo Shioda. 

This lineage chart details the instructor lines for Karate, Aikido, Kinetic Fighting, Okinawan Kobudo and Kenjutsu.

The following diagram outlines the lineage of our Chief Instructor.

Kodomon Lineage 2024 - Website.png

Sensei Irvine holds a 6th Dan in Traditional Karate from the Dai Nippon Butokukai (DNBK), Japan's most prestigious official authority on all of their Martial Arts, headquartered in Kyoto, and a Provisional 2nd Dan in Yoshinkan Aikido from Sensei Michiharu Mori.

Sensei Irvine has also been awarded the formal rank of Renshi or 'Polished Master' by the DNBK. 

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