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Weapon Classes
Kobudo & Kenjutsu Classes

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From the time a student is able to join the advanced classes at Kodomon Martial Arts (First Blue Belt or 5th Kyu), they are able to start participating in the Kobudo classes on Thursday evenings at 6:30pm. These classes teach the classic weapon arts of Kobudo from Okinawa, including:

  • The Bo (6' Staff)

  • The Sai (Forked Police Truncheon)

  • The Nunchaku (Wooden Rice Flail)

  • The Tanto (Wooden Training Knife)

  • The Bokken (Wooden Training Sword)

A good level of control is required by students before starting these martial arts, which is why a year or so of Karate training is required prior to commencing, and the grade requirement.

From the first Brown Belt (3rd Kyu) Kobudo students will be able to advance to the Kenjutsu classes on Saturday mornings after the General Karate class.  This training is from the Yagyu Shinkage Ryu school of swordsmanship, and uses training swords, progressing from the wooden bokken. This school is one of the most well regarded sword schools of Japan and has a lineage of nearly 600 years back to the Yagyu clan who trained the first Tokugawa shogun.

If you would like to discuss training in any of the weapon arts, please contact Sensei Irvine on

0405 010 999 or by email on [email protected]

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