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Shinbushido - The Way of the Modern Noble Warrior

The following Diagram highlights the Nine Principals of Shinbushido.


It should be explained that traditional Bushido has seven main principles. Therefore the extra two require explanation.

A native-born Japanese person will be extremely familiar with a concept called Yamato-Damashi, or Japaneseness, or more specifically, the Japanese Spirit.

The two aspects that I have added to the Seven Original Principles of Bushido are typically part of the very fibre of every Japanese person and would not need to be elaborated in any treatise on morals or social principles as they would be a given.

These are: Shibumi (渋み) which is best described as Elegant Simplicity, and

Nintai (忍耐) quite simply denotes perseverance.

To a Japanese person, these traits would not need to be detailed as they are a given aspect of what is Yamato-Damashi. The very fibre of being Japanese.

So for the benefit of our Western Audience, I have detailed these aspects as well, and then divided the resultant nine (9) principles into three tiers.

The Diagram details these Tiers and their meaning.

The Three Tiers are:

The Three Foundation Principles
Defining “The Human” (Shi 士) – Rei (礼) – Gi (義) – Jin (仁)

  • Courtesy (Rei) 礼

  • Righteousness (Gi) 義

  • Benevolence (Jin) 仁


The Three Martial Principles
Defining “The Warrior” (Bu 武) – Yū (勇) – Chūgi (忠義) – Meiyo (名誉)

  • Courage (Yū) 勇

  •  Loyalty (Chūgi) 忠義

  •  Honour (Meiyo) 名誉


The Three Guiding Principles
Defining “The Way” (Do 道) – Makoto (誠) – Shibumi (渋み) – Nintai (忍耐)

  • Sincerity (Makoto) 誠

  • Elegance (Shibumi) 渋み

  • Perseverance (Nintai) 忍耐

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