Karate for Children

Traditional Okinawan Karate Classes

Are you concerned about your child’s safety? Is bullying a concern with your children at school or at play? Special martial arts classes catering for children are conducted by Kodomon Karate-Do that specifically address these concerns. The development of our children is a major focus for Kodomon Karate-Do and our instructors.

Children can start training from the age of 7, and will benefit from the development of self esteem, confidence, assertiveness, and a mature and disciplined outlook on life. These are core values in the traditional art of Karate-Do, and in our Dojo (Training Hall).

Sensei Irvine (6th Dan) brings over 30 years of instructing experience at the Kodomon Dojo in the Redlands to your child’s training classes. Kodomon Karate-Do supports the philosophy of non-violent resolution to conflict and continually works through a traditional curriculum to foster the spirit of fair play, self-discipline, and responsible physical and self-development. We recognise the importance of the Family and School in a child’s life and encourage our children to give proper attention to both before their training.

Our Traditional program is based on the Shuri-Te style of Okinawan/Japanese Karate-Do as taught by Fujimoto Sensei 8th Dan in Japan. It concentrates on the Basics (Kihon), Forms (Kata) and various safe forms of sparring exercises (Kumite).

There is a strong element of Self Defence in the curriculum for both Adults and Children, taking into consideration, modern day civilian threats, the abilities of the students (age, size, etc), common sense, and appropriate responses. We concentrate and build the training in the Dojo around preventative self-defence before tackling physical responses. Children’s self defence techniques are modified to prevent them causing any serious injury, should your child need to defend themselves against other children in the school ground or at play. We also emphasise that Karate is only a last resort defence, and should not be used outside of the Dojo, except in the most extreme circumstances. Note; this includes that it must not be used in play fighting.

Courtesy, good manners and self discipline are very important parts of our teaching, to assist, not only with the safety factors of training, but as an integral part of the child’s social development. Karate has a wonderful way of providing a levelling effect on our children, settling the more boisterous of them, and bringing the quiet ones out of their shell. The self esteem and confidence build-up is often noticeable within the first year of training.

Apart from the character building aspects of Karate, there is the opportunity on occasion, for the children to compete in the safe, non-contact sporting side of Karate. While it is not a core aspect of our training, we provide the opportunity to participate in a tournament a couple of times each year where children can discover the importance of good sportsmanship, built on the underlying principles in the Art.

While the adult and children’s classes are separate, many families train at the Dojo, to share a common interest, and eventually, many parents enjoy assisting with the instructing of the children. We also have a family oriented training camp every year, which both the children and their parents will enjoy.

From around the age of 13, depending on the maturity of the individual child, we begin to integrate the children into the adult classes. This assists them in approaching the art more seriously, and allows them to gradually get accustomed to the more rigorous program in the adult curriculum.

It is our wish that your child will enjoy a rewarding time, whilst training at the Dojo. Life-long lessons and achievements are earned by the children who persevere with their training. They will experience the rewards of hard work, a value that will serve them well into their adult years.

If there are any issues you or your child wish to discuss about training, please feel free to talk to an instructor at the Dojo before or after classes or contact Sensei Irvine on 0405 010 999 or by email at:  [email protected]

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