Budō (武道) literally means the Martial Ways and refers to the Martial Arts of Japan. A distinction should be made between the Martial Arts (Dō) and the Martial Sciences (Jutsu) in that the Martial Arts often includes elements that denote a Way of Life based on the Martial Arts practices, whereas the Martial Sciences are studied specifically for the knowledge tras and often the practical applications of them. This distinction can be seen in the differences between Karate-Do and Karate-Jutsu. A practitioner of Karate-Do will often have a number of precepts or principles that guide their life beyond the practice.

Many of the Japanese Arts have this dualism:

Many of the Arts will also have a sporting branch or component as well, and various schools decide for themselves whether they will adopt a sporting aspect to their training/life.

Over the years I have seen martial artists refer to differences in Kumite (Sparring) as “Sports Karate” or “Budo Karate”. In truth they probably mean the differences between cheap jordans for sale Sports and Jutsu, but that is an element of the semantics that is often overlooked. Essentially they mean the key difference is between Karate being turned to the jordans for cheap game of rules in the Sport of Karate, with departures from the ideas of Self Defence (Karate Ni Sente Nashi) only, and the key differences in mindset and goals. Karate-Jutsu has no Fake Ray Bans sporting mindset, it is one of combat, and often one of deadly combat.

A student of Modern Karate can actually partake in all of these aspects of Karate. It is like saying “I study a martial art for self defence, therefore I won’t ever play tennis!”. The Japanese are cheap jordan shoes masters Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses in partitioning their life, and certainly can differentiate between Karate for self defence, and the skills from Karate that are used in a Sporting game. The aspects of a Lifelong Art can encompass all of these things, developing the correct mind and body for the science (Jutsu) as well as the mechanics and correct sporting attitude for the game.

A good Karateka should ponder the Budo of our Art, much of the ethics and principles lie there and is worthy of study.


Glenn Irvine
Chief Instructor – Kodomon Karate-Do

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