Women’s Self Defence

Kodomon Karate-Do provides a welcome environment for women and girls to learn self defence techniques and principles. As well as the added benefits of fitness training and development of self confidence.

Our Children’s class usually has an equal number of young girls to boys training in any session, and these girls are developing skills that will enable them to defend themselves in the sometimes violent world we parents are concerned about today.

Any of our senior women training at the Dojo will attest to their higher self confidence and the knowledge that they can go throughout life without living in fear of attack.

Rather than training in an unrealistic environment, our female students practice with the men in our classes, on a fair and equal footing.

Self Defence specific classes are held every Saturday morning from 8:30am. Beginners are welcome!

Two (2) times a year we run specific Basic Personal Protection Courses that introduces women to the principles and skills of protecting yourself from common assaults, including one session that specifically targets the assaults predominantly faced by women.

The first course for the year starts in February. You can register for the Basic Personal Protection Course, here: REGISTER Now! No experience necessary.

If you would like to look at the benefits of training in Self Defence for women, contact the Chief Instructor (Glenn Irvine) on
0405 010 999 or womens.defence@kodomon.com.au or at the Dojo. Or better yet, feel free to talk to the women that train with us on any training night. We encourage a friendly training environment, and you will be very welcome.

Kodomon Karate-Do is a National and State Member of the Australian Karate Federation
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