Emergency Services Defensive Skills

Members of the Police Service, Ambulance Officers, Paramedics, Fire & Rescue Personnel, Nurses, Doctors.

If your work involves exposure to the risk of attack, Kodomon Karate-Do provides training in the Self Defence principles and tactics as taught at the Queensland Police Academy. PPCT and Restraint-Control-Removal training is an integral part of our regular curriculum.

Refresher training for Police Officers, or just the basics for self defence if you work night shifts, in risk areas or with potentially violent people or patients.

Our Senior Instructor, Mr Irvine has trained with Inspector Bill Turner (Qld Police Academy PTI), Sensei Graham Keleher (Former Qld Police Academy PTI), Sensei Michiharu Mori (Self Defence Instructor for the Tokyo Riot Police, Queensland Police, Victorian Police, and Australian Army (2 Commando),  WO2 Shane Cassidy (Military Combatives Instructor – Australian Army), and Sgt Paul Cale (Integrated Combat Instructor – Special Forces Training Centre)

The Kinetic Fighting program taught to today’s Australian military has professional extensions for the Rules of Engagement (ROEs) of our Emergency Services and Government Departments.

Self Defence specific classes are held every Saturday morning from 8:30am. Beginners are welcome!

A Professional Extension for Emergency Services Personnel is provided in the first Basic Personal Protection Course each year in February. Register Now!

If you would like to discuss your needs with our Chief Instructor (Glenn Irvine) contact him on 0405 010 999 or  work.safe@kodomon.com.au or at the Dojo.


Kodomon Karate-Do is a National and State Member of the Australian Karate Federation
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