Basic Personal Protection Course

The Kodomon Edge Basic Personal Protection Course (BPPC) is a 5 or 8-week course run three (2) times a year in February and September.

Participants can undertake the 5-week basic course, as well as the 2-week professional extension and the final continuation training sessions throughout the year.

This structure supports individuals who only wish to understand the basic principles of self-protection as well as drilling simple but effective protective skills against the most common forms of assault, or they can extend into the various professional extension courses for an additional 2 weeks. All participants may continue honing their skills and attitude via the regularly scheduled continuation sessions. Six (6) of these continuation sessions are scheduled each year, to keep an edge on the skills.

Participants can also be assessed for a Kinetic Fighting Operator Level accreditation for both the Basic Course (O-1) and the Extension program (O-2).

Costs for the Courses are as follows:

The next Course for 2018 will be starting on Saturday, September 15th at 8:00am at the Alexandra Hills Community Hall on Windemere Road.
(8:30am start for the subsequent weeks)

You can register for the Course here: Kodomon Edge Personal Protection Course – Spring Course REGISTRATION

KEF Basic Personal Protection Course Brochure – 2018 V1.0.

For further details about these courses please contact the Chief Instructor, Glenn Irvine on 0405 010 999 or by email at:

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