Uchideshi Program

The Kodomon Karate-Do Uchideshi Program is designed for students aged 14 to 24 who make a strong commitment to a training program with a focus on National competition excellence, and the true essence of Traditional Karate and Self Defence training.

The Uchideshi Program has a seasonal intake, every year, and a commitment to an intensive training schedule is required by the students.

If you have an interest and strong desire to partake in a program that will develop a strong capability in both Traditional and Sports Karate, please contact the Chief instructor of Kodomon Karate-Do for further information and details of the next intake sign-on night.

Contact Sensei Irvine on 0405 010 999 or by email at  uchideshi@kodomon.com.au.

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Kodomon Karate-Do is a National and State Member of the Australian Karate Federation
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