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The Kodo Dragons program is designed to target age-specific skills for children between the ages of 4 and 6. Children in this age bracket are making new discoveries every day, and are learning how to cope with the various challenges of everyday life.  Most 4 to 6 year olds have a limited attention span, but are capable of learning in an environment where they can use play to develop these skills.

This curriculum introduces basic skills training in a fun, safe and controlled environment, which aims to establish a basic foundation of physical, intellectual, social and emotional abilities.  We want to work with children to develop their motor skills, learn how to take turns, how to manage their frustration, how to make friends and to be respectful when other people are speaking.


The eight basic skills that are targeted at this age group are:

1.  Focus – to pay attention with your eyes, ears and body.
2.  Teamwork – working together, helping each other and having great sportsmanship.
3.  Control – to have power over your mind, heart and body.
4.  Memory – to put things in one ear and not let them come out the other.
5.  Balance – to not fall.
6.  Discipline – to make good choices in everything that you do.
7.  Fitness – to make your body stronger.
8.  Coordination – to have your body function in harmony.

We use a martial arts approach to building these basic fundamental skills through various drills, exercises, games and activities.  Students that complete this program will have the skills to enable them to progress into the children’s classes (from 7 years of age), which is a more advanced program.

Each week we cover a different topic, and provide the parents with a lesson plan.  It involves a thorough warm-up, followed by a very brief chat to the children about what we are going to be working on that day.  There are then 3-5 different drills, and a fun game to end class.  The aim is for the children to learn through play and to have lots of fun!

Here are some photos of the Kodo Dragons going through their paces.

Warm Up  Jumping  Dragons  Stretch   Levi  Charlotte  Carter  Birthday

The Kodo Dragons program is a great introduction to the discipline of Karate training and will build young Martial Artists with better skills and retention.

Classes are held in the Alexandra Hills Community Hall (corner of Windemere and Finucane Roads), Alexandra Hills, at 3:45pm on Thursdays and runs for approximately 45 minutes.  Please note that these classes only run during the school term – no training during school holidays.

If you have any questions or would just like some more information, please contact Agnes Irvine on 0403 891 128 or on agnieszka.irvine@kodomon.com.au


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