Beginner’s Course

Kodomon Karate-Do conducts beginners’ courses in both the adults’ and children’s classes. These courses run for the duration of 8 classes and introduces new students to both the basic principles of self defence and the traditional art of Karate-Do.

Adults can join these beginners’ courses for the introductory price of $120, including the tuition for 8 classes.
(Children under 18 pay only $100)

If you have always wanted to explore the martial arts or just wanted to be able to defend yourself, the Kodomon Karate-Do beginners course is a great way for you to try the art and see for yourself if you like the training.

At the very least, you will learn some valuable lessons in being able to go through life with some self defence skills that may get you out of trouble one day…

Initial training in the beginners’ class is separate from the rest of the grades, with a gradual integration into the broader class.

For further information or to arrange for a start on the beginners’ course contact the Chief Instructor (Glenn Irvine) on
0405 010 999 or or at the Dojo.

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Kodomon Karate-Do is a National and State Member of the Australian Karate Federation
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