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Budō (武道) literally means the Martial Ways and refers to the Martial Arts of Japan. A distinction should be made between the Martial Arts (Dō) and the Martial Sciences (Jutsu) in that the Martial Arts


by Glenn Irvine<img class="size-full wp-image-1238 alignright" Fake Ray Bans src=”” alt=”MakiwaraDiagram” width=”369″ height=”580″ />
One of the many training methods used in Karate is the Makiwara. (pronounced. Mah-key-wah-ra)
This apparatus which loosely translates as “Striking

In Memoriam – Chiba Sensei (1941 – 2011)

Sensei Shinichi Chiba 8th Dan (1941 – 2011)

On the Cheap NFL Jerseys 11th March 2011 after the Tohoku Earthquake devastated the mainland of Japan with a massive ray ban outlet Tsunami, we

No Training over the April School Holidays

Remember: There is no training at the Kodomon Hombu Dojo over the April School Holidays (Mar 28 – Apr 10).
Training Resumes on the 11th of April (Monday evening).
Glenn Irvine
Chief Instructor

Training Calendar 2017

The Kodomon Weekly Class Schedule is available here.
January 2017

10/01/2017 Chiba Sensei’s Birthday
16/01/2017 Kagami Biraki – First Training Class – Kodokan Dojo (6:30pm both classes)
24/01/2017 Fujimoto Harutaka’s Birthday
26/01/2017 Australia Day

Mick Bellety Memorial Tournament Results – 24 October

In October 2015, 18 students from Kodomon Karate-Do in the Redlands competed in the Mick Bellety Memorial Tournament held annually by Sensei Ann Hill at her Beerwah Karate-Do Dojo.

These students were: (back row) Steven

Olympic Karate

<img ray ban sunglasses sale class=”alignright wp-image-1158 ” src=”×1024.jpg” alt=”KodomonAusReps2015″ width=”403″ height=”552″ srcset=”×1024.jpg 748w,×300.jpg 219w” sizes=”(max-width: 403px) 100vw, 403px” />In August 2016, the International Olympic Committee endorsed WKF Sports Karate for inclusion in the 32nd Olympiad

Kodomon History

Fujimoto Sensei & Irvine Sensei 2003

Kodomon Karate-Do was founded by Sensei Glenn Irvine (4th Dan) in March 1997, as a Branch Dojo of the Australian Academy of Martial Arts under Sensei Graham

JKA/WF QLD Regional Championships – 7 March 2015

The annual JKA/WF Queensland Regional Championships were held on the weekend at Pomona State School.
Kodomon Karate-Do had 10 competitors participate in this event.  All of the competitors performed outstandingly!  Sensei Glenn Irvine was very

Kagami Biraki – Return to Training – 12 January 2015

Happy New Year!  We hope all the students of Kodomon Karate-Do, including their families, had a wonderful Christmas break, and we wish you all the best for the coming year.
Kagami Biraki kicks off our

Kodomon Karate-Do is a National and State Member of the Australian Karate Federation
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