Kodomon Lineage

The Lineage of the instructors of Kodomon Karate-Do are detailed below, showing the lines from Shurite & Nahate Karate-Do in Okinawa, and the line in Yoshinkan Aikido.


Sensei Irvine’s 6th Dan Certificate (DNBK)

Sensei Irvine’s Renshi Rank Certificate (DNBK)


Sensei Irvine's 4th Dan Certificate (IKS)

Sensei Irvine’s 4th Dan Certificate (IKS)

Kodokan Dojo Certificate 2003

Kodokan Dojo Certificate (IKS)

Sensei Irvine's Jun Nidan Certificate (Yoshinkan Aikido)

Sensei Irvine’s Jun Nidan Certificate (IYAF)

Kodomon Karate-Do is a National and State Member of the Australian Karate Federation
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