About Kodomon Karate-Do

Kodomon Karate-Do is the leading school of the Traditional Japanese Martial Art of Karate-Do and Self Defence in the Brisbane Bayside (Redlands) area. (SE Queensland, Australia)

Founded in 1997 Kodomon Karate-Do is a National Member of the Government recognised Australian Karate Federation (AKF), the Queensland Karate Association (QKA) and affiliated with the International Yoshinkan Aikido Federation (IYAF).

Chief Instructor, Sensei Glenn Irvine 6th Dan, has over 30 years experience, and has trained under leading Traditional and Police Self Defence Instructors, including Sensei Sadaharu Fujimoto (8th Dan) of the International Karate-Do Shobukai (IKS) in Japan, Sensei Graham Keleher (7th Dan IKS), Sensei Michiharu Mori (7th Dan Yoshinkan) and Sensei Dave Kolb (6th Dan Renshi Iaido) in Australia. Sensei Irvine and all current Black belts’ traditional gradings are accredited under the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai in Kyoto Japan, Japan’s peak traditional grading and ranking authority.

In June 2008 Sensei Irvine was appointed as the State Coaching Director for Queensland (QKA) and is now a Level 2 NCAS Silver Coach. In 2010 Kodomon Karate-Do Instructors began certification in Military Combatives and in 2011 became an Associate Member of Australia’s 2 Commando Double Diamond Integrated Combat Club. In 2014, Sensei Irvine was appointed as a Queensland State Coach for a term of 3 years. Sensei Irvine is a certificated Level 5 Operator (O-5 Instructor) in Kinetic Fighting. The Integrated Combat methodology of Australia’s Special Forces and Defence Force. Kodomon Karate-Do has current membership or affiliations with the following Martial Arts and associated bodies:

The World Karate Federation    ~    The Australian Karate Federation    ~    The Queensland Karate AssociationDai Nippon Butoku Kai    ~    Kinetic Fighting

The Principles of Kodomon Karate-Do

The Nine formal principles of Kodomon Karate-Do are:

  1. Henceforth, I shall faithfully train to strengthen my mind and body
  2. I am willing to endure rigorous training to achieve my goal
  3. As my strength increases, I shall seek to cultivate a gentle heart
  4. I shall not use my skill outside the Dojo except in the most extreme circumstances
  5. At all times I will try to avoid inflicting injury upon another person
  6. I will not brag about my skill, nor use it maliciously
  7. I shall train with the spirit of humility
  8. I will honour all Martial Arts in the spirit of the founding philosophy of the International Karate-do Shobukai
  9. Karate is a way of Life. I will endeavour to embody the Martial virtues of:
    • Courtesy (Rei – 礼)
    • Righteousness (Gi – 義)
    • Benevolence (Jin – 仁)
    • Courage (Yū – 勇)
    • Loyalty (Chūgi – 忠義)
    • Honour (Meiyo – 名誉)
    • Sincerity (Makoto – 誠)
    • Elegance (Shibumi – 渋み)
    • Perseverance (Nintai – 忍耐)

Kodomon Karate-Do is a National and State Member of the Australian Karate Federation
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